Acceptance of Online Counseling

Mental health counseling via the Internet is now a widely accepted way to seek help with psychological problems. People with mental problems tend to be afraid of coming in light. The Internet is a blessing in that case. Online therapy uses texting and voice messaging apps while keeping identity undercover.

Technical innovators brought together certified therapists and counselors. A few mouse clicks bring you an expert, so, e-therapy is direct and inexpensive. Clients are using e-mail, video conferencing, and live chat via various platforms.

The number of clients using professional mental health counseling for issues OCD, anxiety, and depression is increasing. They recognize it for anytime availability and non-compulsion of visiting the office. Besides face-to-face counseling, online counseling could serve the communities in a better way.

Reasons for the acceptance
1. Online counseling apps provide counseling and coaching.
2. You don't have to wait long for an appointment when therapists or consultants are available online.
3. It’s a virtual world which has enabled a timid person to talk about all things. Sometimes social or cultural implications prevent you from talking about the agonies.
4. It’s easy on the pocket. One week session in the India could cost Rs.300.
5. The research on tele and online counseling reveal the benefits of the remote counseling service. Distance therapists accept online counseling as complementary to traditional psychotherapy. A study on University students of Malaysia showed that a major section of them like to receive mental health counseling online.

Most accepted pedestals for online counseling

The science of tele-psychology is an aged method; accepted for more than 35 years. The increased popularity of online counseling is improved by better Internet access and some of the popular global platforms are Talkspace, BetterHelp, 7cups, Basis. With 4G connections in India, lot of mobile phone users are exploring Online counselling, foreseeing increase demand for Online counselling Pinkymind is launched in India.

How the Pinkymind platforms work?
1. Evaluation for therapy needs- Chatting with our therapist who will evaluate the needs and recommend experts
2. Select the expert and book an appointment for video/audio consultation.
3. On appointment date login to the app to discuss your issue with our experts.