Anxiety Attack Symptoms

Anxiety is the feeling of fear, worry, and uneasiness about a certain situation or event. It is very common in human nature to be anxious, but about what, that varies in different individuals. It is a natural response to a changing situation like the first day of college, changing a job or even entering a new relationship. When one faces a higher level of anxiety for a prolonged period and immense stress it leads to an anxiety attack. This occurs suddenly and without a warning. Sometimes it is predictable when there are external factors leading to it like getting stuck in an elevator or before a big business meeting.

Some of the symptoms that will help you identify an anxiety attack better include-

1. Feeling of nausea
2. Hot flashes or chills
3. Pounding or racing of the heart
4. Difficulty in breathing, breathlessness
5. Fear of going crazy or loosing control

These symptoms are felt both physically and mentally. When a person is aware that a particular situation may lead to an anxiety attack, they are seen to start avoiding that particular action or event. There is a preconceived fear of being close to something that evokes anxiety. Anxiety attacks vary in severity depending on extent of stress a situation might cause to the person. Anxiety attacks are often confused with panic attacks due to their similarities in symptoms. A panic attack normally persists for a longer period of time and requires medical assistance.

The occurrence of an anxiety attack can be avoided by practicing a couple of simple things in your everyday life. Some of them include regular exercise, managing stress at the onset of it, identifying relaxation techniques and also getting enough sleep. It is also important to know that the feeling of loneliness and isolation triggers anxiety. Constant communication about an upcoming event, worries or fear with close ones or even a support group helps in gaining confidence. If these fears and worries are causing constant stress and start affecting your daily routine, one must seek professional help.