How to help someone with their anxiety?

Anxiety is the feeling of worry or fear due to a certain situation. While feeling anxious is common, if the anxiety is severe it could affect one’s day to day activities. A person with anxiety is seen to be introvert, ignorant, rude and often stays aloof. This feeling keeps the person away from certain situations that they might want to be a part of and might enjoy. Anxiety in a social situation makes one fear humiliation and embarrassment. While anxiety causes distress to the person, the people around experience certain difficulties and also have certain additional responsibilities. It is important for one to know how to help someone with their anxiety.

Some of the ways are

Understanding Anxiety
One must understand anxiety and what is causing the person’s anxiety. Also, being aware of what are the situations in which the person seems to feel anxious and what about the situation is causing it. One might also need to read several articles online or refer to certain books to get a better insight into the condition. The more the knowledge, the better it will help them understand it.

Being Supportive
One can provide support in multiple ways. One of them is by being a listening ear. Communicating and especially listening to a person with anxiety gives one a better insight into what they are feeling. It also, in turn, helps the person feel better about their situation. In addition to communicating, one can also look at supporting the person by being their partner in certain activities. Being active in the form of exercising, yoga or even meditation helps with anxiety. If a person has a partner in these activities they are more likely to indulge in them.

Being Prepared
Help the person face the situation with prior practice. One can deal with a situation that causes anxiety better if they are prepared for it to a certain extent. While relaxation and breathing techniques you learnt from Anxiety counselling can help calm you down, the partner should help them prepare for the situation in advance.

In addition to being there for someone with anxiety, it is also important to understand when they require professional assistance. You can’t cure their anxiety but can definitely help them by arranging their sessions with a therapist. One can also accompany them for the sessions depending on the person’s comfort level.