Stress at work – an overview

Everyone who goes out to work every day must have experienced work related pressure. Any job can have stressful elements, even when you love to do the work you are doing. Stress at work can be due to demands of your job, workplace bullying, insufficient employee support schemes, relationship issues with superiors or teammates etc. if stress becomes overwhelming, it can take toll on the physical and psychological well being of the individual.

Job stress can be overwhelming but you can control your psyche and make lifestyle changes to negate the effects of workplace pressure on you. It is not that difficult. Little efforts from the individual and organizations can reduce the impact of work related stress.
Work stress can have harmful effects such as

Physical indicators of work stress
• Tiredness
• Neck pain
• Headache and eye problems
• Sleep disturbance
• Poor appetite
• Gastro intestinal problems
• Menstrual problems and sexual dysfunction
• High blood pressure and risk of cardio vascular disease

Psychological indicators of stress
• Mood swings
• Feeling agitated and frustrated
• Difficulty in concentration
• Low self esteem or feeling lonely
• Bouts of depression
• Poor judgement And decision making
• Constant worries pessimistic attitude
• Avoiding responsibilities
• Nervousness and inability to remember things

Self help tips to cope well with stress

Stress related responses are different for all of us. The same coping strategy cannot work for all. Thus, management of stress is very much person centric, yet few tips may be helpful.
1. Yoga and meditation
2. Physical exercises such as jogging and aerobics
3. Pursuing a hobby which one likes during leisure hours
4. Listening to good music to relax your mind
5. Getting enough support from family and friends
6. Finding out enough recreation over the weekend
7. Take intermittent breaks from work

Promoting psychological wellness at work is becoming a priority for employers as well because healthy mind and productive workplace are inter-related. Employee assistance program are used by many to improve the mental well being of employees.