How to Control Anxiety?

Anxiety is the feeling of fear, worry, and distress due to an uncertain situation or in anticipation of the same. It leads to one being restless, getting cold feet and avoiding certain situations. One must first be aware of situations that can cause anxiety and then try to take control of them.

Some of the ways of controlling anxiety are

Stay Calm

One must focus on staying calm and practice deep breathing when in a situation that might trigger anxiety. This will bring the person close to their normal state of mind by reducing the anxiety to a certain extent. Meditation also helps in calming oneself down and staying more in control of one’s thoughts.

Share the Concern

Talking to a friend or family member or even a counsellor can help with anxiety. Share what about the situation makes you anxious and just talking about it can make one feel better.

Fact Check

Though anxiety is a situation that causes fear, adding a little bit of logic or facts to it can help. Understand what is causing the fear and then try to check if it is rational. People with anxiety often are not able to process this but one can try and work on it. Knowing that anxiety is a feeling and not a fact will help the person.

Channelize Your Thoughts

During a situation, one thinks of all the negative things related to it and fixates on them. This only keeps increasing anxiety. Channelizing one’s thoughts by accepting the fear and then adding positivity to overcome it can help in controlling anxiety.

Practice the Situation
If the situation is a social situation or involves public speaking then one should practice prior to the event. Writing down conversation starters or responses to general predicted conversations helps one stay better prepared. This also makes one feel like they have the situation under control and reduces anxiety.

All these methods help in controlling one’s anxiety. However, sometimes the anxiety is too severe to be controlled or a person does not accept it and professional help is required. Communicating with a online therapist and seeking help not only controls anxiety but can help one overcome it too.