How to cure Depression?

Depression is a very common mental health condition. It results in a person feeling low for longer periods of time. Depression affects one’s day to day activities in addition to coming in the way of their physical and mental health. One of the biggest challenges of depression is the identification and acceptance of it. It is important for the person or their close ones to be aware of the symptoms and severity to take the next step which is curing it. Depression depending on its severity depression is cured in different ways. One can indulge in different activities or might also need to go for medical help & therapy.

Eating & Sleeping Well

Depression causes a disruption in eating and sleep patterns. One must try to focus on normalizing their meal timings and quantity and also look at getting a fixed number of hours of sleep. Adequate rest and food will help a person feel better. Exercising is another very effective way to cope with depression.

Set a Routine & Goals

One must look at setting a routine of their work & tasks. Also setting short term goals and making them a part of one’s routine helps the person focus better. It gives them a clear view of what needs to be done and drives them to complete certain tasks. On completion of a task or reaching the goal, the sense of achievement gives individuals an energy boost.

The above-mentioned ways help to cure depression on the onset of it or act as a catalyst to help other treatments work better. But sometimes one might require more intense and specialized treatment.

Treatments of Depression

Sessions with a counsellor help release thoughts and feelings might have been suppressed by the person. A counsellor also understands what is triggering or causing depression and helps the person deal with it at a very early stage. A counsellor also recommends therapy if needed.
Psychotherapy helps one identify and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. It also helps one come out of depression by resolving certain conflicts or issues or even through the acceptance of an incident or situation. Here the person is assisted with coming out of depression through techniques of normalizing their life step by step.
Medication includes different types of antidepressants that help one cope better with depression. These should only be taken when prescribed as antidepressants can have side effects too.