how to deal someone with depression

How to Deal with Someone with Depression?

Depression is a condition that is characterized by a constant feeling of sadness, low mood and disinterest in day to day activities. Depression is known to cause a great amount of distress to the depressed but what goes unnoticed is the distress it brings to the family and friends around. If identified and dealt with well, depression can be cured easily at an early stage.

Some of the ways to deal with a person with depression are

Understanding the symptoms of depression

Depression causes one to be irritable, irregular food & sleep patterns, disinterest in activities, lack of concentration, feeling of guilt & worthlessness and even suicidal tendencies. Being aware of these symptoms can help them guide the affected person towards going for treatment.

Constant Communication & Support
One must communicate with the depressed person to understand what they are going through. This helps the person open up with their feelings and also helps the people around to be aware. It is important to let the person know that it is a normal condition that can be treated. Encouraging them to go for treatment through constant communication and hints. One should accompany them for treatment to make them realize that they are not alone. It essential for a person who is depressed to know that they have a support system.

Tracking Treatment

Being aware of the changes in one’s symptoms helps knowing if a certain treatment is working or not. A person with depression can’t keep track of how they are feeling at all times, so being there to track it helps. This should also be communicated to the respective treatment specialist.

Taking Care of Oneself
Being a support system or a caregiver requires a lot of patience and time. One must also ensure that they fulfill their own daily needs and work while being supportive. One must also be strong enough to help the person out and not get so involved in the negative thoughts that they get depressed themselves.

Dealing with a person with depression requires one to be mentally strong and supportive. Counsellors and therapists are aware of what depression holds and how it can affect the people around. This also makes them experts at treatment without letting it affect their own wellbeing.