How to fight Depression?

Depression is a condition that often makes one feel like things will only stay stagnant. Feeling low does not let a person think beyond the negative thoughts that constantly occur to them. One gets irritable, angry, lacks energy and also loses the ability to find pleasure in anything. To fight depression it is important to accept one’s state and start moving away from feeling low. Some of the ways that can help one fight depression are

Be Active

Being active in the form of exercising helps with depression. One can look at going to the gym, for a walk or even a swim. Even actively being a part of household chores helps. Inactivity leaves one with more time to feel depressed & an active body worsens ones mental state.

Be Social

One must be socially active. Meeting close friends or family helps one think of the good times they have had. It is important for the people with whom one interacts to be aware of the condition of depression and avoid talking about topics that might trigger it. Meeting people, listening to their experiences and sharing one's experiences only makes one more detached to the feeling of depression.


Communication is one of the most important factors that can help one fight depression with depression counselling. Depression can occur due to suppressed thoughts and talking to people about it helps one cope better. It also helps to speak to other people with depression or people who have come out of depression. This gives hope to the person and makes them realize that they are not alone.

Indulge in Happy Things

One must try to be a part of activities that used to make them happy prior to depression. This will help in getting back to normal. Also, positive thoughts about oneself and one’s nature lets the person think of themselves as beyond just being depressed. One can also write down these points and refer to them whenever a sad or negative thought arises.

Seek Professional Help Sharing & communication with close & trusted ones really helps but only to a certain extent. If a person is going through severe depression and can’t get themselves to think of or do anything else, it is important to seek professional help. This can be in the form of meeting a counsellor or a therapist too.