How to overcome anxiety

How to Overcome Anxiety?

Anxiety is the feeling of fear, worry or uneasiness about a certain situation. A person can be anxious due to different perceived situations. Day to day situations like one’s first day at school or work, an important meeting, interacting with too many unknown people or even public speaking can cause anxiety. This often results in a person being seen as an introvert, aloof or rude. The person starts staying away from situations that cause anxiety and this comes in the way of their personal and professional lives. It is important to identify what causes and anxiety and work towards overcoming the same.

Some of the ways to overcome anxiety

Identify & Accept
It is important for one to identify the situation/s that trigger anxiety. One must be aware of it and then accept that the situation is causing them a certain amount of fear or worry. This awareness is the first step towards treatment.

Once the person identifies and accepts their situation, one can try to understand what about the situation is causing the anxiety. One can also look into their past to know if there is a particular situation from the past post which they have started feeling anxious.

Exposure is one of the best ways to overcome anxiety. In a situation that causes anxiety, a person ends up giving in and sometimes even avoids the situation to eliminate the distress caused. It is essential to confront the situation multiple times with the aim of overcoming it. This way the person slowly gains more confidence and the fear reduces. Public speaking is known to be one of the biggest situations that trigger anxiety. One can practice by speaking in front of a mirror, in front of an increasing number of known people and then slowly to unknown people.

Anxiety is a fear and it is of utmost importance to identify, understand and expose oneself to it. One can also talk to a close person or a counsellor about their fears to understand them better. This will give them assistance in coping and overcoming anxiety.