How to Overcome Depression?

Depression causes a person to feel low for a long period of time. This physically, mentally and emotionally affects a person. One gets irritable, restless, lose interest in otherwise pleasurable activities, experiences unusual headaches and pain and more. It also affects the person’s food & sleep patterns and one has either too much or too less of them. The existence of symptoms that occur during depression can affect a person’s day to day activities to a large extent. Depression can pull a person down to a great extent and it is of utmost importance for one to be aware and stay strong. Overcoming depression is not easy but it is very possible. It does take a lot of effort and willpower but in the end, a person is more mentally healthy. Some of the ways of depression counselling therapy are


Visualization is a technique in which a person is asked to think of or talk about happy situations. It also works where a person is asked to note down a list of positive things about themselves. This includes qualities like being caring, loving and helpful. During depression a person often tends to focus on the negative aspects of themselves and starts thinking of them repeatedly. The technique of recalling and listing down positive aspects changes the person’s outlook and helps them start to believe in themselves. One can also ask friends and family to share what they like about the person. Notes can be kept at an easily accessible place for one to refer to them whenever a person starts feeling low.

Being Active

Depression causes one to feel like staying aloof and in bed all day. Being active, meeting people and indulging in conversation outside the house helps one open up and improves their mood. Meeting people or being a part of different activities distracts one from the reason for depression and is, in turn, being an important way to overcome it.

There are lots of ways to overcome depression and they vary from person to person. What is important is to not let oneself stay alone without constant communication and interaction. The more one indulges in activities that can make them feel better, the faster one will come out of depression.