Mental Health and Acceptance

You wake up one morning and you skip a meal and don't think anything of it. The next day you decide against a shower. That evening you bail on a plan for no apparent reason. It might take a few weeks or even years, but one day you'll have to confront the fact that you're struggling with mental illness. Mental illness sneaks up on us. We can't pinpoint single moment when we snap and there's a shift from being okay to not being okay. I've had a number of my friends confess that they refuse to give voice to their concerns, because the second that they do, it becomes all the more real. The reasoning is simple - "If I ignore it, it'll go away." If only it were that easy.

The internal workings of our brains are just that. Internal. Wishing it away, not paying it any heed, burying it in work is in pointless and can quickly become toxic. Denying that we have a problem keeps it at bay, but it is like a dam with ever widening cracks and turbulent, unrelenting waters on the other side. Keeping busy, having plenty of distractions is definitely helpful, but it is also living in denial if you're doing it to keep from acknowledging what you're going through. Another worrisome occurence is that we tend to beat ourselves up for not feeling okay. The added pressure is unhealthy. Comparing ourselves to others who we think are doing better or have it all together is detrimental. The first step towards effective healing comes with acceptance. There are two things to be remembered when dealing with such situations : The first one is that there is absolutely nothing wrong and no shame in having dreary days. The second, and more important, is that you aren't alone. Read that again.

Personal Experience

From personal experience, I'd like to tell you that the very second you go against your instincts and concede, a huge weight that lifts off your chest. The unending conflict in your subconscious is resolved. You feel freer, more comfortable in your skin and ready to take on the world. When you make a decision to focus inward, seek out who you are and make peace with it, you're miles ahead of who you used to be and that's all that matters.