Online Counseling

Pinkymind, the online counseling app has been a part of many individual’s lives through their counselling and therapy services. With the convenience of reaching out to someone via chat, call or video call and choosing from a range of experts, Pinkymind has been widely liked. It is seen to be the online support system for people.

The Pinkymind App

The app has always been very simple and user-friendly. It displays the options of choosing a counsellor or therapist from across the country, booking an appointment and the choice of medium of communication too. Meeting mental wellness experts is still not accepted to a large extent in the society and feature of virtual assistance sets Pinkymind apart.

New Additions

New features in an app are always exciting. There are various new options known as cards that allow one to book an appointment, chat/ call/ video call , play different mind games or even track one’s wellness by assessing one’s mood on a regular basis. This ensures to keep the user engaged while also branching out to different aspects that not only assist one who is in distress but also cater to people who want to maintain a healthy mental state.

How it Helps

A well designed and engaging app attracts more people. It also helps people in need of help come back to the app. Some might start with smaller steps of engaging in the games, then move to tracking their mood and then take the leap of speaking to a counsellor. The new features aim at assisting users with building a comfort level with the concept and then reaching out to an expert. It also caters to various people depending on the level of distress. Pinkymind is a mental wellness platform for Best psychologist online and therapy.