Panic Attack Symptoms

The feeling of sudden extreme fear or terror by a person is known as a panic attack. Some attacks are so severe that it can make a person feel like they are having a heart attack. This occurs mainly due to high levels of anxiety created because of various reasons. A person can even have a panic attack in their sleep. In a panic situation, people feel like they are going crazy or losing control of themselves. The symptoms vary in intensity and from person to person. They normally peak within a short period of time (minutes) making it difficult to comprehend and react.

Some of the symptoms include

Racing of the heart with irregular or rapid heartbeats
Feeling choked
Feeling dizzy
Chills or heat sensations
Fear of losing control
Feeling detached from one’s own body
Discomfort and pain in the chest
Difficulty in breathing
Shaking or trembling

A panic attack causes so much distress that it leaves a person feeling weak and tired after it. Making a person to relax and at ease during an attack through deep breathing lowers the severity and effect of it. The person should also be aware of what about the particular situation caused the attack. This will help them stay a lot more aware of themselves in other situations going forward. People start avoiding certain situations that have caused them to have panic attacks earlier for the fear of having another one.

People experience a panic attack a few times in their entire lifetime. If it happens often and regularly it can also cause a panic disorder. Treatment should be initiated from the very first attack. The treatment ranges from psychotherapy to medication. Psychotherapy involves relaxation and stress reduction techniques. Sometimes the anxiety that leads to a panic attack can even be prevented by talking to a close and trusted ones about one’s fears and problems.