Symptoms of Depression in Men

Depression is a condition of a constant feeling of being low for a prolonged period. While it is natural for a person to have mood swings and feel low occasionally when this feeling persists for a prolonged period of time namely 2 weeks or more it is known as depression. This condition can occur in people of all ages including children while the trigger of it may vary. Some of the symptoms of depression in men include feeling sad, empty & hopeless. Men also have difficulty in remembering details which often affects their work. The mind affects the body and during depression, men are seen to have reduced sexual drive and performance issues. While most of the other symptoms are common to both men & women, there are some behavioural changes that occur in men.

Some of the behavioural changes in men due to depression

Substance abuse or excessive consumption of alcohol
Avoiding family or social situations
Attempting suicide
Indulging in high risk & reckless activities
Working longer hours without proper breaks
Inability to cope with responsibilities at work and personally

In men, these behavioural changes are an attempt to hide certain factors that may reveal depression. This isn’t done knowingly but happens in an attempt to fight the situation. Emotionally men also experience frustration, irritability, aggression and extreme cases of anger.

Depression is said to occur more in women than in men. One of the reasons for this is also that men avoid talking about their concerns and seeking treatment due to the fear of being judged or criticized for it. This often leads to cases of depression which are not diagnosed for a very long time. Men, women, children, everyone requires an equal amount of attention to be given to mental wellness. At Pinky Mind one can reach out to a counsellor over chat, call or even video call which makes a support system more approachable.